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About Delayed Packages

Posted by : Sagar Sapkota / On : Jan 30, 2019 /
About Delayed Packages

This post is for BuildCircuit and Ebay customers living in Australia. This post is for 1easystore and buildcircuit stores on Ebay.

"100% orders have been successfully delivered in Australia and in more than 50 countries. There is no record of lost packages."

If you have not received your package within 7 business days, it is obvious that you would be concerned about your package. 

We ship all the packages on the next day of your order at 9 AM. We take photos of all the packages we ship so that we can provide you a proof of shipment. If you have selected registered, parcel post or express shipping methods, we provide a tracking also.

If you have selected economy post or FREE SHIPPING, we are not able to provide a tracking code because Australia Post does not provide tracking for such mails. 

Australia Post sometimes makes delays in shipping for various reasons, but, if the address is correct, it will reach to your address. 

We have been selling on Ebay for the last 2 years and there is no record of lost packages EVER.

So, please don't worry you will receive the package soon. 

Please do not leave any negative feedback on Ebay or on BuildCircuit. We request you to close the case on Paypal and Ebay also, we will make refund if you don't receive the package.

This is a bag for regular posts:

FACTS that you should know about shipment:

1. In the last 1 year, Australia Post has delayed altogether 8 packages in more than 5000 shipments.

2. 1 package could be delayed in 2 months. Australia Post handles millions of mails everyday. The package might be delayed for various reasons, for example, if you live far away from Sydney, if the post man puts the package in the wrong post box (happens in units), etc.

3.  In the last 1 year, altogether 7 cases were opened on Ebay regarding delayed package and all of them were closed later because all the customers received their package. In one case, the customer was given full refund, and he paid back the money after 1 month when he received the package.

4. If the package is not delivered, it will come back to Buildcircuit's address.

5. BuildCircuit has been able to maintain 100% feedback rating continuously for 2 years because we are reliable sellers.

6. Australia Post is so reliable that it has NEVER lost any package.

Some examples of opened and closed cases:

Sometimes customers get angry and they open a case against our store, but we have resolved 100% of the cases. Please check the examples below:




In one of the cases, we had to make full refund to the buyer. Later the buyer received his package and made direct transfer to our paypal account. 

Buyers have closed 100% of the cases opened on Paypal. 

This is how it works? 

This is how we write emails


Email from our customer:

We are still TOP RATED SELLER on Ebay and we promise to stay on the top by shipping your packages quickly. However, please understand that we cannot control the service of Australia Post. 


Please keep on buying from our store on Ebay and BuildCircuit.

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Ebay Store link:

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