DIY ZIF Arduino programmer

It is just another ‘build your own Arduino’ project. BuildCircuit has worked on similar projects before. The most popular project is DIY Arduino kit. The DIY Arduino looks similar to the real Arduino boards and uses a FTDI basic programmer to program the chips.

The kit that we are going to work on this article is also a DIY Arduino. It comes with a zero insertion force (ZIF) IC socket. You can simply insert an Arduino chip and program it. The board has a header to connect an FTDI basic module that can be used to program the Arduino chip.

I received these components from my supplier. It has everything to build ZIF Arduino programmer.
All the components

Step 1: Solder all the resistors first. There are 3 resistors.

Step 1- Solder all the resistors

Step 2: Solder the 2pcs of 22pF ceramic capacitors.

Step 2- Solder 22pF capacitors

Step 3: Solder the 16Mhz crystal oscillator

Step 3- Solder the 16Mhz oscillator

Step 4: Solder all the 104 ceramic capacitors.

Step 4- Solder all the 104 capacitors

Step 5: Solder the reset switch

Step 5- Solder the reset switch

Step 6: Solder all the given 3mm LEDs

Step 6- Solder all the given 3mm LEDs

Step 7: Solder the 6 pin male header for FTDI

Step 7- Solder the 6pin male header for FTDI

Step 8: Solder all the male headers. These male headers give access to analog and digital ports of Arduino chip. And the J4 header is for connecting FTDI basic module.

Step 8- Solder all the male headers

Step 9- Solder the 6 pin ICSP header

Step 9- Solder the ICSP header

Step 10- Solder the female USB type-B socket

Step 10- Solder the USB port

Step 11- Solder ZIF socket and insert ATmega328P

Step 11- Solder ZIF socket and insert ATmega328P

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