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International Posts Delay

Posted by : Sagar Sapkota / On : Jan 30, 2019 /
International Posts Delay

This is an open letter to all the international customers who want to know the status of their package.

"100% orders have been successfully delivered since 2012. So, don't worry, you will receive your package soon."

If you have chosen Registered Post (with tracking code)as your shipping method:

  • 99% packages are delivered within 5-10 business days anywhere in the world, there can be delays for several reasons like, postal authority in your country takes the parcels to different distribution points which can be far away from your given address. For example, check this tracking code(LK948841049AU), you will notice that the package reached USA on 3rd February and it was delivered on 8th February only. Check this image if the link does not work.

If you have chosen Economy post or large letter as your shipping method:

  • All the packages are shipped within 1-2 business days using Australia Post.
  • Economy Posts and Large letter packages do not have tracking and they usually take 15-25 working days to reach to your address.
  • Contact us if you want a proof of delivery. We will send you a photo of your parcel that we snapped at Australia Post office. The photo will show the stamps, date and postage labels and your address.

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