AudioB I2S Bluetooth Digital Audio Receiver Module



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If you want build a digital Bluetooth amplifier board, AudioB I2S Bluetooth audio receiver module can be a good choice for your project. This is a Bluetooth 4.2 stereo receiver module with I2S digital output and music re-sampling frequency is 48KHz. It is Apt-X supported.

It is based on CSRA64215. We have used breakout pins to 2x10 2mm space male pins. If you want a demo board, please buy our TSA7010 Digital Bluetooth Audio Receiver. It's a AudioB I2S module + DAC board.

The module PINs 7,8,9,10 are I2S output pins:

  • 7 - GND
  • 8 - BCK   I2S synchronous data clock, It's a 2.304MHz square wave signal.
  • 9 - SD     I2S synchronous data output.
  • 10 - LRCK   I2S word select, 48KHz. 1 - Left channel data, 0 - Right channel data.
  • Setting switch: We set to I2S in normal state. Set to SPI when you need to program the module.

Note: You need set the on board switch to SPI when you are programming the module. 



  1. Quick press S2 to switch to the previous song, long press to reduce the volume.
  2. Quick press S3 to switch to the next song, long press to increase the volume.
  3. Press S1 to play or pause.
  4. If there is audio output, MUTE pin will be high level, otherwise, will be low level. 


  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • I2S digital output
  • Sampling Rate: 48KHz
  • Bit per sample: 16 bit
  • Left Justified.
  • Justified Data 1 bit delay
  • Apt-X supported
  • Low power consumption: 5mA@5V
  • HFP V1.6
  • HSP V1.2
  • A2DP V1.2
  • AVRCP v1.4
  • Support for smartphone application(APPs)


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