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Tinysine NFC shield uses a PN532 chip-set which is the most popular NFC ship in the market. It is powerful and you can use it to do a lot of things such as read and write to tags and cards, communicate with phones, or act as an NFC tag.

Our Arduino test code only supports reading/writing tags for the moment.

This shield is designed to support I2C and SPI and UART communication (default is I2C). Our product is tested well with any classic Arduino - Diecimilla, Duemilanove, UNO, Mega R3 or later. Tinysine NFC shield is a simple, easy-to-use product to provides you a chance to learn how is works, you can add it to your Arduino projects! 


  • Size: 3.2”(81.6mm)x2.1”(53.4mm)x0.063”(1.6mm)
  • Chip-set: PN532
  • Support UART, SPI and I2C(Default) communication modes
  • 13.56MHz stripline antenna
  • Tested reading range: 1”(25mm)
  • Onboard level shifter used for 5V systems 
  • Big prototyping area 

Shipping List:

  • 1 x NFC/RFID Shield
  • 1 x 13.56M RFID Tag 


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