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Do you want to control any electrical device turning it on/off using your smart phone? 

If you have been thinking about it, 'Lazy Bone' does exactly what you need.

'Lazy Bone' is a new product from Tinysine Electronics which has a good performance of stability and it is very easy to use.

It can control a lamp, router, fan and other electrical equipment by turning it on and off using Android/IOS app or PC. It also supports momentary output (pulse time 100ms-20s) . 

This is LazyBone V3 with Bluetooth BLE/EDR dual mode version. It supports both Android and iOS. So, you can use your iPhone or Android phone to control this LazyBone Switch.

Note: The Bluetooth BLE password feature is not supported by this device, so, if you want use it to control your garage-door, please choose LazyBone V2.

Software Installation:

It has 2 basic versions: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi  and this is the Bluetooth LazyBone. If you want a Wi-Fi LazyBone, click here. We provide a free Android/IOS App for you to control it.

How to use the software:

Normal mode:

Android App:

1. Open the App, if your phone Bluetooth is not active, it will prompt a message to activate it.

2. Click the Menu and then 'Connect device' . Phone will detect the Bluetooth device automatically, and input the PIN number:'1234' ( it will auto-connect next time).

3. Now can control the device turning it on/off by pressing the on/off button displayed on the user interface.


iPhone APP:

1. Open the App

2. Click 'Connect device', it will auto detect the nearby BLE devices, select and connect it.

3. Now can control the device turning it on/off by pressing the on/off button displayed on the user interface.



Momentary mode:

1. Click the modes, you will enter mode setting page.

2. You can set the pulse time (100ms-20s) and turn on momentary mode.

3. Back to main page, now you click the button it will have a pulse output. Turn on->hold it for a while->release. 

Wiring Diagram

'LAZY BONE' has 2 kinds of working modes:

Self power mode:

Wireless switch:

We also provided a very simple command set for developer developing their own APP.  The Lazybone operates with an easy to use command set as described in the table below.


  • AC 100-240V or DC5V working voltage.
  • Standby Current 30mA/5VDC
  • Current rating of up to 10 Amp.
  • Dimension: 80x49x31(mm)
  • Control distance: 25m (outdoor)
  • Support Android: Above V2.2
  • Support iPhone: Above iPhone4


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