TOSR142 - 4 Channel Smartphone WiFi Relay - (Password/Momentary/Latching)



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 TOSR142 Wi-Fi relay kit supports both Android and iOS and it has a password set feature. It is a convenient and easy-to-use product that can be used to control any electrical equipment. 

You can control it with your phone or computer. After configuring the Wi-Fi module, your Wi-Fi relay board will have a valid IP address. Then open the APP->Connect Device, input the IP, port number and connect it, and then you can control the relays turning them ON/OFF. 

The communication medium can be changed easily. Replace the Wi-FiBee module with a BluetoothBee, it becomes a Bluetooth relay.

TOSR142 is an upgraded version of TOSR04. It supports password. It can be set to latching or momentary outputs. TOSR142

allows a computer to control the switching of external devices by using the USB port of your computer. It also has a wireless extension port which can work with Xbee or BluetoothBee or WiFibee module, so, you can control your device via Zigbee or Bluetooth or WiFi!

The TOSR142 provides four-volt free contact relay outputs with a current rating of up to 10Amp each. It comes with one DS18B20 temperature sensor port.

The module is powered using a 5V DC power supply or USB. The DC input jack is 2.1mm with positive core polarity and the relays are SPDT types. If you want to power it with DC 12V or 24V, you just need a 12V/24V-5V DC converter.  

Note: Relay board default password is: 123456

Note: Please remove the WiFi module when you use USB connection. 

Smartphone App:

We also provide FREE Android/iOS App. You can control your device by your phone very easily.



Android APP(WiFi)

iPhone APP (WIFI) 

Relay power rating
If the relay is used at a voltage or current exceeding this specification, the life of the contacts may be significantly shortened.

A full datasheet for the relays used on the TOSR142 is here: G5LA datasheet

If you use DC power, the input voltage should be DC 5V.

First Step - Install the Driver
The TOSR142 module uses FT232RL USB to UART chip. Before using the TOSR142 you will need to download the FT232RL Driver.

Connect the TOSR142 and windows will detect it and ask for the drivers. Point windows to the inf folder and it will install the driver.

The TOSR142 will now appear as a com port.

The TOSR142 operates with an easy to use command set as described in the table below.

TOSR142 Baud rate: 9600 

Test program
To get the TOSR142 up and running in the minimum amount of time we have put together an example program to demonstrate the functionality of the module.


  • Working voltage: 5V DC
  • Dimension: 124x45x17.2(mm)
  • Standby Current 10mA/5V DC
  • Current rating of up to 10 Amp.
  • Latching or momentary outputs
  • Password supported


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