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About BuildCircuit:

BuildCircuit.NET in an online store established in Sydney, Australia. It is owned and operated bywww.buildcircuit.com team. 

It is a collaborative effort of several companies which have agreed to list products on BuildCircuit.net allowing us to take orders on their behalf.

BuildCircuit has more than 50000 visitors/month worldwide. We are one of the top rated and trusted online store for selling electronics kits and components.

All the products available on this store are shipped from Australia, China and United States. Not all products are stocked in Australia. Please check the product page to know the location of the item.

We are shipping our products to United States, Canada, UK, EU, Non- EU countries, Australia and New Zealand.

BuildCircuit(ABN: 35 498 526 460 ) is a small business established in Sydney, Australia. It is owned and operated by two Engineers: Sagar Sapkota amd Anita Gajurel. We like to design and experiment kits related to Arduino, Raspberry Pi and basic electronics. We sell our electronic kits to more than 50 countries. Our customers range from 10 year old school students, hobbyists to Phd students. 

Have you ever visited www.buildcircuit.com ? That is also our website for sharing electronic experiments.

By default, all the components and kits ordered at BUILDCIRCUIT.NET are shipped from CHINA. If we are shipping any parts from other locations, we will mention that on the product page.

Why Buy From BuildCircuit ?

We know what we are selling. We can suggest you tutorials that can help in your project. We test most of the modules (that can be tested) before shipping. We ship most of the orders on the same day. We are shipping our components to 50+ countries which shows that we are genuine and reliable seller. We have maintained 99.9-100% positive feedback rating on Ebay. That's why we think you should buy from our store :).

There will no GST for any transaction in 2017-2018 because we do not meet the minimum income threshold required to register for GST. Please read this.

Business Details:

Business Name: BuildCircuit

ABN: 35 498 526 460 

Email: hello@buildcircuit.com.au, email@buildcircuit.com

Phone: +61 (0)45 1746 024

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