2 x 20W Class D Bluetooth Audio Amplifier Board - TSA9840



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TSA9840 2x20W audio amplifier board comes with  Audio B plus Bluetooth module. It has a perfect class-D architecture (based on MAX98400A) and each channel has 20W power output. Both channels are capable of giving nominal power output simultaneously and continuously.

This board can be powered by any DC 10V-24V power supply. It can be used to drive two 8Ω passive speakers.

TSA9840 can also be connected with our TSA1000TSA1010 or TSA1020 external audio volume control boards. Users can adjust the audio volume by rotating the real knob.

It is perfect for your Hi-Fi audio applications. You can pair it up with your mobile phone or computer. Power up the amplifier board and use your phone to search for a new Bluetooth device. The module will appear as "TSA9840". You don't need a PIN, it pairs up automatically and ready for playing music.

  • TSA9840 can auto-detect the Aux in/Line in Audio input. Bluetooth Audio source has higher priority. When Bluetooth audio is paused or Bluetooth is disconnected the amplifier will select the Aux in/Line in.
  • There is an extra LINE OUT audio output jack. It can also be connected to a subwoofer amplifier board.
  • BVC Port: BVC port can be connected with our Audio volume controller to control the Bluetooth audio volume. 

TSA9840 can auto-detect the Aux in/Line in Audio input. Bluetooth Audio source has higher priority. When Bluetooth audio is paused or Bluetooth is disconnected, the amplifier will automatically select the Aux in/Line in.


TSA9840 + TSA1000, both Aux in and Bluetooth audio volume can be controlled through BVC port.

Specification: The following table lists all typical data of the amplifier board. For full specification, please refer to the datasheet of MAX98400A chip.TA = 25℃, fin = 1 kHz sine wave, RL = ∞, VVS = 18V. (Unless otherwise stated)







Supply Voltage (VDC)

Inferred from PSRR test


- 24
Current Limit   3.5A 5A -
Bandwidth @ ±3dB @8Ω 20Hz - 22KHz

PO = 2X20W, MAX98400A,
PVDD = 12V ,RL = 8Ω

- 90% -

Minimum Load Impedance




Switching Frequency


265KHZ 330KHZ 295KHZ
Gain   9dB 20.1dB 29.8dB

Input Sensitivity(RMS)


- 620mV -

Input Impedance

- - 22KΩ -

Output Power

Stereo,RL = 8Ω,THD+N 10%

- 22W -

Mono, RL = 4Ω,THD+N 10%

- 44W -


POUT=0.1W to POUT/2, fIN= 20Hz to 20kHz, RL= 8Ω




POUT/2, fIN=1kHz, RL= 8Ω






  • Size: 9.1cm x 5.0cm
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Bluetooth audio volume control port (BVC)
  • Working voltage: DC 10V-24V
  • Thermal and output current protection


  • Personal computer
  • Background music system
  • Musical instrument amplifiers
  • Home DIY
  • Car audio


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