CSR USB-SPI programmer for Bluetooth programming


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This CSR USB-SPI programmer can be used to program CSR series Bluetooth chips. It has much faster download speed than a Parallel port programmer.

It supports full series of CSR debugging tools (BlueFlash, PSTOOL, BlueTest3, BlueLab). You can use it change the BT name of our Bluetooth audio amplifier or Bluetooth audio receiver.

Support all CSR series Bluetooth chips:

  • BC2 series (example: BC215159A),
  • BC3 series (example: BC31A223, BC358239A)
  • BC4 series (example: BC413159A06, BC417143B, BC419143A)
  • BC5 series (example: BC57F687, BC57E687, BC57H687C)
  • BC6 series (example: BC6110, BC6130, CSR6030, BC6888)
  • BC7 series (example: BC7820, BC7830)
  • BC8 series (example: CSR8610, CSR8620, CSR8645, CSR8670)
  • BLE series (example: CSR1000, CSR1001) 


  • 3.3V/1.8V dual power output
  • SPI logic level can be set to 1.8V or 3.3V (Vs pin open/1.8V, Vs pin connect with GND/3.3V)
  • Short circuit protection 


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