1 transistor FM Transmitter DIY learning kit



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Here's A Simple Do-It-Yourself (DIY) FM Transmitter Kit. You Can Use This Simple DIY Kit To Transmit Your Voice Or Audio To Your Nearest FM Radio.

You can use this FM transmitter/microphone in two ways: 
a. Audio transmission using electret microphone: You can transmit your voice to FM radio with the electret microphone. You can also place the transmitter circuit close to any loudspeaker so that the microphone picks up the sound and transmits to the tuned FM radio. 

b. Audio transmission connecting speaker stereo jack to an audio source: For hearing better sound, you may connect it to your computer, iPod or mp3 player using a speaker jack. The audio of your music player gets transmitted to your nearby radio.

It comes as a pack of parts kit and can be easily assembled if you can follow the silkscreen indicators (labels) and have beginning experience with a soldering iron. You will need to read the resistor bands or use a multimeter to determine the resistor sizes. The kit operates with a 3-9V power supply. 


  • Frequency Range: 88-108MHZ (Frequency can be changed by moving the adjustable inductor coil).
  • Operating voltage: 3V-9V.
  • Transmission range: The transmission range depends upon the length of the antenna used. We send a simple 20cm long wire that should transmit signal around 10m inside your room. The signal can be transmitted ever far with a longer antenna of length around 50cm. It can transmit up to 100m in open space. 
Kit package contains:
  1. Electret microphone.
  2. Transistor (Q1)- S9018.
  3. R1- 2.2K
  4. R2- 22K
  5. R3- 2.2K
  6. R4- 33 Ohm
  7. R5- 33 Ohm
  8. C1- 0.1uF(Code- 104). Read here how to interpret capacitor code.
  9. C2- 0.1uF (Code- 104)
  10. C3- 680pF(Code- 681)
  11. C4- 30pF(Code- 30). This capacitor contributes to the FM transmission frequency.
  12. C5- 10pF(Code- 10)
  13. C6- 30pF(Code- 30). Coupling capacitor connected to the antenna of the kit.
  14. C7- 30pF(Code- 30)
  15. C8- 0.1uF(Code- 104)
  16. Inductor(L)- 0.1uH (5.5Turns coil). This contributes to the FM transmission frequency.
  17. Antenna- A short wire, 20cm long.
  18. PCB
  19. 9V battery connector and 2pcs wires (can be any color)
  20. Stereo speaker jack
We may send 4 color or 5 color code resistors. 


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