4 in 1 DIY kit- dark sensor, clap switch, latch switch and astable multivibrator



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This is a simple 4-in-1 do-it-yourself (DIY) kit from BuildCircuit. The kit has four different circuits that can be switched on separately or together at a time using a DIP switch.

The four circuits are:

1. Dark sensor using LDR.

2. A latch circuit using NE555 timer.

3. Astable circuit using NE555 timer.

Besides these 4 circuits, by changing the values of the resistors and capacitors, you can change the behavior of the circuits. For example, in the astable circuit, if you change the resistance values, it works as an Infrared (IR) transmitter and you can use it in remote operated switch circuits. 
Get the schematic and description from this page

 You get the following components with this kit package: 

1. LDR- 1 pc 
2. 8 pin DIP switch- 1pc 
3. Electret Microphone- 1pc 
4. Screw terminal- 1pc 
5. Tactile switch- 1pc 
6. 3mm LED- 4 pcs (color: red/white/yellow/green/blue)- Can be any color 
7. 0.1uF ceramic disc capacitor- 3 pcs 
8. Electrolytic capacitors- 3 pcs (1uF, 10uF and 220uF) 
9. NE555 timer- 3 pcs 
10. BC547(NPN transistor)- 4 pcs 
11. PCB- 1pc 
12. 9V battery clip- 1 piece 
13. Resistors pack(click on the links for color codes ): 10K (5 pcs), 330R (5 pcs), 4.7K (2 pcs), 1K (2 pcs), 100K (2 pcs)
The PCB: 
Other documents:

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